Mahalo for your interest in supporting our locally grown produce.  All of our products are grown on the farm.  They are as farm fresh as it gets, harvested on demand to fill your order.  

Each week our sales manager will decide what crops are available for sale.  

On Fridays, our online shops inventory is updated for the community to purchase.  We are only offering online sales, and drive-by farm pickup. 

All sales are final, no refunds, except when an item is out of stock upon purchase.  
Pick up is Thursday from 12 – 2 pm



ORDER: Browse our store and add the items to your cart. Please note there are minimum quantities for some items.

CHECKOUT: Once you are finished, check out using our Paypal payment option.

PICK UP: Pickup your produce this Thursday between 12 noon and 2 p.m. We do not offer any other pickup at this time. Produce that is not picked up will be donated to our community.

NO HOLDS, NO REFUNDS. If you miss your pickup this Thursday, we will not fill your order next Thursday. Your produce will get donated to those in need

MORE QUESTIONS? Please review our FAQ page.  If you still have questions, please use our contact form.  


for “contactless pickup”

Instructions on picking up your produce:
  1. Buy items in our online shop.
  2. Check your email for your purchase confirmation
  3. Come to the farm with your I.D. and order#
  4. You can drive into our driveway and turn right into the parking lot.
  5. Continue straight and STOP at the sign.  Call our sales desk to inform them of your arrival.
  6. Our sales desk will ask for your order #
  7. Your order will be placed in front of you on the delivery pickup table.  Drive forward and accept your produce.
  8. Continue around the parking lot and exit the farm.


We harvest taro weekly and are continuing to expand our producing fields on a monthly basis.  We often offer raw taro, cooked and cleaned taro, fresh pounded pai`ai, and poi when in season.  Check our online story for availability.


Luau leaf, lau, or taro leaves are the staple of every authntic Hawaiian meal.  A local favorite in chicken stew, or steamed laulaus, luau leaves are a very healthy alternative to spinach or kale.  


Ho`io fern shoots are wild grown in the flood plains of Heeia.  Known also by fiddle head fern, pohole, or warabi, the tender leaf buds are an island favorite parboiled and pickled with onions and tomato


Turmeric is also known by olena, and is known to dramatically Increases the antioxidant capacity of the body, and also contain anti-inflamatory properties.  Our fields are planted with organically minded practices.  Fresh roots are available for  part of  the year, but are usually out of season from February to October


Bananas are always picked green, as close to ripening as can be estimated.  Please allow for one to two weeks for the bananas to ripen.  Ripe bananas are sols only as left overs from the previous weeks harvest, and availability is never guaranteed.  


The breadfruit was among the original canoe plants brought to these islands by the Hawaiian voyagers.  Called “ulu” in Hawaii, its starchy consistancy makes it a great substitute for potato or rice in any meal. 



Q: Are my orders guaranteed?

A: Yes, when you place an order it is represents crops that are ready to harvest.  If for any reason it is not available to pick up during the pick up time, we will refund or exchange your purchase


Q: Are my purchases refundable?

A: Only if we cannot provide the product.  Otherwise, it is not refundable.  At this time, there are no refunds for missed pickup, or cancelled orders.


Q: I placed an order, why didnʻt you contact me?

A: Please double check your email for an automatic confirmation of your order.  If you have received it, email us.  If didnʻt receive a purchase confirmation email, please try to make your purchase again.  For best support, register an account with us on line before making a purchase.


Q: How do I check my sales order or account profile?

A: At the completion of every sale you should have received an email confirmation with a receipt of sale containing the contact information we have on file.  If youʻve registered an account with us, visit “my account” to review your profile and sign in.


Q:What is your delivery schedule?

A: We do not offer delivery at this time.  


Q: How do I schedule to pickup an order from the farm?

A: Farm pickup is only on Thursdays at 12 noon -2 p.m.