So your house may become a garden

Our initiative is to grow garden starter plants for our community to increase local food awareness and systemic resilience.

In Hawaii, seasons change mildly enough that most gardens can be kept producing food all year long.  To support constant production in our backyards, a reliable supply of garden starters is needed along with a diverse mixture to foster a well rounded harvest.  A well planned seasonal change will also help to mitigate pests or diseases which could proliferate due to mono-cropping.  By rotating different crops seasonally our benefactors minimize negative impacts on soil nutrition as they continue to learn about the care and cultivation of food crops.

At Kakoo Oiwi our main crop is Kalo. It is grown for both its nutritional and cultural value.   We feel that it is important to support the cultivation of kalo by diversifying to include other cultural foods, such as pia, awa, ulu, lau pele and uala.  As our stock of these plants increase,  so will our availability.  Along with our indigenous foods, we are providing alternative and traditional garden starters with year round availability like tomato, eggplant, green onion, parsley, lemongrass, and cabbage.

The community can purchase our garden starters through our website as inventory becomes available.  Pick up is scheduled every Thursday from 12pm – 2pm.