Māhuahua ʻAi o Hoi “Regrowing the Fruit of Hoi” is a community-driven vision for restoring agricultural and ecological productivity to the 405-acre area locally referred to as “Hoi” situated in the Heʻeia wetlands and medowlands.  Between 2009 and 2010, Kākoʻo convened a series of meetings and interviews with local area kūpuna, (elders) and community members to gain insights into the community’s vision for the area:

  • He‘eia as an abundant food-producing land
  • Agricultural production serves to educate, feed, and sustain the community
  • Families gather for celebration, learning, and healing
  • Traditional and modern arts and sciences strengthen the He‘eia community
  • Hoi is restored as a native wetland. Koloa, ‘alae ‘ula, and ae‘o have returned and the splashing of ‘ama‘ama sounds like rain falling on He‘eia Stream. Clean, clear water feeds the fishpond and native limu and other marine life are once again abundant.


Q: Who should apply?

A: Individuals with some prior experience/knowledge of farming.  Individuals who want to gain an in depth understanding of what it takes to grow wetland kalo.  Individuals who want to experience working in diversified agricultural systems. Individuals who want to make an impact and contribution towards Hawai’i’s local food production. Individuals looking to connect with the land and culture of Hawa‘ii through agriculture


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Māhuahua ʻAi o Hoi

Our Summer Internship Program

Māhuahua ‘Ai ‘O Hoi Internship (MAHI) MAHI is an 8 week program focusing on contemporary Hawaiian agricultural practices and the idea of Ma ka hana ka ‘ike (learning by doing). Interns will learn various aspects of wetland kalo production, diversified farm and land management methods, traditional Hawaiian cultivation practices, and basic business management skills. Interns will work and learn alongside Kākoʻo ʻOiwi staff as well as engage with experts from the agricultural community.

Internship period is during the summer from June to July.  You can check our news page or follow us on facebook or instagram for updates.  

Each year our interns work on the farm learning how culture can integrate into both a work and learning environment.  Tasks range from crop planting to wetland restoration and include the use of power tools and machinery.  Basic irrigation techniques are introduced along with some farm management and wildlife conservation.

Apply now (applications are currently closed)