Indigenous Plant Garden Starters


1 Gallon Kalo Plant Starter – 1 Gallon `Uala Plant Starter – 1 Gallon Pia Plant Starter -1 Gallon Lau Pele Plant Starter


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Kalo (taro), `Uala (sweet potato), Pia (cassava), and Lau Pele (edible hibiscus) are all “canoe plants” brought by native hawaiians as sustenance crops for cultural use as food staples. These plants can all be cut, stored long-term, and propogated once you have arrived where you want to plant your garden.

This holiday sale takes these four plants and creates the opportunity to begin a garden with mother crops naturalized to O`ahu conditions. Once they have grown big and strong, you can propogate cuttings throughout your backyard and harvest up to once a month.

Begin the New Year – 2022 with food sovereignty for life! E Ola!