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Kalo is our signature and staple crop at Kāko`o `Ōiwi. The starter keiki we offer are normally one of our two commercial-producing kalo: Promethus/Ka`i uli`uli or Super Moi. Both do best in lo`i systems due to the high nutrient exchange enabled by water flow over the kalo, but both produce well in mala as well.

These crops normally take 8 months to a year to mature. During their growth they too will produce keiki that can become the next generation of growth and food for your family. If you take care of and cultivate our brother- Hāloa, they will reciprocate asthetically with their beautiful green, heart-shaped lau quivering in the wind and by providing nutrients to your family.

The lau (leaves) can be steamed and eaten in lau lau and luau stew. The root can be steamed and eaten as kalo pa`a or combined with water to create your own poi-making practice. This plant provides regenerative synergy in our diet, in our culture, and in our ecosystems. E ola.