Lau Pele – Edible Hibiscus – 1 Gal



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Edible hibiscus belongs to the same phylogenic family as hibiscus but actually is categorized under the same genus as okra…. and cooks similarly. We call our variety Lau Pele due to its dark red stem, but according to the Big Island Invasive Species Committee, our cultivar is referred to as “Sunset”.

As described through the link, lau pele is considered the most nutritious vegetable in the Oceania. It is an ancient powerhouse of nutrients, packing twice as much protein as spinach. It also has vitamin A, fiber, vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine, and minerals, including iron, potassium, and calcium. You can layer it in lasagna, pack it into a cassarole, or just eat the stems straight after steaming like asparagus. Delicious! Always be cautious of this plant’s number one predator – the african land snail. Theses snails carry rat lungworm, so all harvested leaves must be steamed or cooked down for edibility.

This plant is super easy to propogate and can grow in a variety of sizes depending on its access to sunlight and proximity to tall grasses. Plan out how you’ll plant your lau pele to create a bush-like forest and summer shade space perfect for any backyard.