Mountain Apple – 3.5″ Starter Sapling


Ohi`a `ai 3.5″ starter sapling

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Mountain apples, otherwise known as Ohi`a `ai here in Hawai`i, are throught to have been brought to the islands via polynesian canoes. They are very accustomed to the conditions on O`ahu and only need watering every other two or three days throughout the summer until they have established in your soil at home. These trees grow quickly and remain ever-green with beautiful green, yellow, and red waxy leaves. The fruit tastes like a combination between a pear and an apple in all the best ways. The bright pink pom-pom flowers are both decorative AND eatible. This is the perfect tree for any island backyard! Keep your eyes out for land snails during this sapling’s juvenile phase for they are the most common and relentless pest to the ohi`a `ai.