Papaya Garden Starter – 3.5″


3.5″ Papaya Starter Sapling

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Papaya is the fruit of the Carica papaya plant. Due to papaya ringspot virus, genetically modified culivars were approved in 1998. Since 2010, 80% of all papayas in Hawai`i are GMO. Our seeds come from solo pink flesh papayas and mature in under a year with a potential fruiting duration between 3 and 5 years. Not all papayas fruit and we can not guarantee that all our stock will be either female or hermaphroditic however, our purpose is in diverse agroforestry. To heighten the success rate of both the trees and their potential fruiting, go ahead and grab 5 or more trees.

Papaya is a popular breakfast fruit in many countries and is also used in salads, pies, sherbets, juices, and confections. The unripe fruit can be cooked like squash and used in a variety of dishes, many originating from Indigenous American recipes as well as those from the Carribean and Philippines. All these dishes include the act of cooking “green papaya” as the latex in the fruit has not yet ripened and can stimulate contractions. Both green papaya fruit and its latex are rich in papain, a protease that breaks down tough protein chains found in muscle meat. Because of this, people have used papaya to tenderize meat for thousands of years. The fruit also has many black seeds which are edible when dried and ground. They can act as a bitter seasoning which can be substituted in place of black pepper.