Pidgeon Pea Plant – 3.5″ Garden Starter


3.5″ Gandule/Pidgeon Pea starter plant

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Pigeon pea is a tropical legume grown widely throughout the tropics and subtropics as a perennial evergreen and nitrogen fixer, ultimately providing protein-rich peas. Pidgeon peas can grow into a hardy shrub in a wide range of low fertility soils and soil textures, potentially reaching 6-8 feet tall. The peas have a nutty taste and can be harvested 5-8 months after planting.

Pigeon pea plants improve soil content and soil structure, are ideal for ‘chop and drop’ mulching, and when planted close together, quickly form a thick hedge or living wall for the perfect natural windbreak. These plants are therefore perfect for permacultural practice and even increase pollinator numbers because of their attractive, bright yellow-orange pea flowers displayed in the product images.